Why do Frozen Pizzas from grocery stores taste so much worse than fresh baked pizza from a pizza place?!

Question: Why do Frozen Pizzas from grocery stores taste so much worse than fresh baked pizza from a pizza place?
Is it the ice, or is it something else that makes frozen pizzas taste and texture exponentially worse than hot fresh baked pizza?
For example the store bought pizza the other night was like this: The dough was like a dry foam that was very volumous but not very dense at all like a dry foam that just fell apart. The sauce was very sugary tasting and the cheese was not melty but just tough and hard.
The pizza from the pizza restaurant was moist, gooey, and delicious, the crust was warm and soft and moist, the cheese was melty and delicious, the sauce was cooked well.


Because it dries out when frozen. This also happens when you freeze and warm up pizza from a pizza place; it never tastes the same as when you got it.

That's why frozen pizza costs $3

everyone has their own opinion

Freezer burn..end of discussion.

Freezer burn... it just has to be. It would have NEVER tasted like that if it wasn't freezer burnt.

Everything is better when it is made with fresh ingredients and cooked for you on the spot. Frozen pizzas are made so they can be preserved for the amount of time that it takes to ship them to the store, sit there until someone buys them, and sit in your house until you make them. Therefore, there are usually quite a lot of preservatives and other junk in there that is not present, or necessary, in freshly-baked pizzas.

The freezing process, while it makes it possible for the pizza to last that long, still makes it not-fresh, and will certainly affect the taste and texture -- the ice that forms on the pizza is going to melt while you are cooking it, thus making it rather soggy, so you are right there!

Plus, most frozen pizza brands do not use the highest quality of ingredients. Why would they if the pizza is just going to be frozen? Their sauce will be pumped full of sugar because they think that it will make up for the fact that the taste sucks to begin with. The cheese (or, non-cheese is more like it) is usually some suspiciously plastic-like substance that can withstand being stored for an extended period of time.

I could go on and on. Point is -- Fresh is always better! If you want pizza, get it fresh from a local pizzeria. If cost is an issue, then make it a special, occasional treat. Buying two or three frozen pizzas when you could have one really nice pizza, well, you be the judge!

Hope I helped!

I love pizza :)

Whell... you are never going to get the flavor and texture of a restaurant pizza in a frozen pizza from the store but there ARE some things you can do while preparing a frozen pizza that will make it taste much better...

First, I always buy the "self rising" pizzas
I like to get either the supreme or the plain cheese and when I get the plain cheese, I add my own stuff to it like bell peppers, diced tomatoes and cilantro
Put the FROZEN SOLID pizza in the center of the oven on the rack... not on a pan
THEN turn the oven on to 380
Cook the pizza about 50 minutes, or until the bottom is browned. You will have to use a big spatula to lift and check. When it is done, slide the pizza on to a cookie sheet and let cool for about ten minutes. Do not cut the pizza until it has rested for this period.

I serve mine with lite ranch dressing and sliced jalapenos... and it turns out great every time.

Good luck!

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