Is there a difference between movie theater butter and normal butter?!

Question: Is there a difference between movie theater butter and normal butter?
And if so, what is it?


Yes actually. I used to work at a movie theatre, three different ones in fact, and all of them had the same thing for their butter: "Butter flavored oil". It technically isn't butter at all, it's oil that's made to taste like butter. It's kind of sad, but you can run your car off of movie theatre "butter". It's an experiment that we actually tested out.

Not to knock it, it's just that it's technically not really butter at all, and they just call it that since it's easier to label to customers. I suggest taking a look the next time you go to the movies to see if you can see the packaging at all.

And of course, normal butter is actually butter, or at least closer to true butter than what you get at most movie theatres.

personal experience

Yes...big time difference. Real Butter is a Dairy Product. Movie Theater Butter is generally Coconut Oil with a butter flavoring added. That is why Movie Theater Popcorn tastes so good.

movie theater: better and oily and so mmmmmm mmmmm good

normal: too nurtritional value stuff and it isnt good and hot like movie theatre

theater butter has insect fragments like legs and pee.
normal butter just insect fragments

Movie theater- More liquidy and oily
Normal- Well.. Normal.


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