I have a George foreman slow cooker but im confused about whether or not i can add cold water to it?!

Question: I have a George foreman slow cooker but im confused about whether or not i can add cold water to it?
The instructions say to heat the water and then add to warm cook pot. This seems like another step to have to heat it up and then add it. Would I need to allow extra time to cooking if I added cold water. I just want to make it simple and not too many dishes etc.


You don't say what you're cooking in your slow cooker, but usually they don't need any liquid at all (many things will make their own liquid during cooking). Some recipes may call for various liquids though.

One reason this might be called for is that it takes the slow cooker awhile to bring things up to "cooking" temperature and before that the foods will be in the "danger zone" of temps when bacteria can easily grow. So perhaps they're just wanting you to preheat the water to keep that from being an issue (though don't remember any other slow cooker wanting that). In fact, many instruct the temp to be on High for the first part of cooking to deal with that, then back down to Low for most of the cooking time to do the "low-slow cooking thing."

It's also possible that there's something about the ceramic or other material of the slow cooker that shouldn't be subjected to really hot temps, and putting warm water into the crock before turning on the heat could insulate the bottom of the crock some.

It would be helpful to know what kind of recipe this is though...maybe that would shed more light on this.

You may also want to read my answer in this previous question about using slow cookers for more info and recipes:

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I personally have never used a George Foreman slow cooker, but I think I have the answer for you. If you add cold water to the slow cooker just make sure it is not hot. My guess it is made out of ceramic or glass, meaning if you add cold water to hot ceramic or glass it leaves the possibility of cracking or shattering. I would recommend just giving yourself a little more cook time. Also, the warm water from your kitchen faucet should be warm enough. I don't believe they would build a product that requires you to boil water in another pot before you add it to the slow cooker. Again, I would never add real cold water to a hot glass or ceramic container, because it may crack.

It makes whatever you are doing to get up to cooking temperature faster.
Yes you will have to add extra time.
It is far easier to just boil the jug, and that isn't any more dishes to do, if you think about that.

All that means is don't add cold water/liquid while something is warm and cooking, it can crack the crock pot.

You CAN add cold water to a cold crock pot and then turn it on.

Food science major.

Add the water if you think you really need it when you first turn the grill on.This way they heat up together.
And you can cook damn near anything on it.I have even baked biscuits on mine.

Owns this grill.

Do as the instructions says.=)

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