How good are you at carving meat?!

Question: How good are you at carving meat?

Good maybe better than you :D

pretty good actually , I have been dishing up carved joints for 50 years ( i kid you not ) and with a good filleting / boning knife can pull down a full carcass of fresh beef in 30 minutes ,a lamb in 15 20 Min' I would say I am qualified

5 star chef

Worked as a butcher and chef and been cooking seriously at home for 40 years.

I can cut up some cuts of meat.

The secret to carving meat is a sharp knife and I always use a Fish Knife because it has the thinnest blade and is flexible. I'm good at carving meat because I'm a chef and have to really.

Not very good at all! On Thanksgiving, my dad always carves the turkey and on Christmas Eve, my mom always carves the ham. I've tried carving meat twice, but both times I nearly cut myself.

I doubt I'd ever get employed by any restaraunts, but I can carve meat well enough for my purposes! As long as my Sunday roast is edible and tasty, I don't really care if I carve it perfectly.

Excellent, I carved a pork leg joint into a bust of Kerry Katona...Have done some amazing things with Gammon joints and roast beef..

I know what you meant, yes like a machine, good knives help...

As a vegetarian, I would probably need some practice!

I am not at all good in craving meat.

Lets just say it is not a pretty sight!

Never tried :/

Not too good

i'm craving meat

good ive an electric knife,.)

im what one would call Ragged lol,.

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