Please tell me why sometimes hard boiled eggs peel much easier than other times. Thank you?!

Question: Please tell me why sometimes hard boiled eggs peel much easier than other times. Thank you?

I do know that eggs that are older peel easier than fresh eggs after they are hard boiled, but other than that, who knows. I have been hard boiling eggs my entire life and every once in a while I get a couple of eggs or an entire batch that are difficult to peel. I always put them in cold water, bring to a boil, boil for 10 minutes and immediately run them under cold water until cool and put in the fridge before peeling. Sometimes they peel fine, sometimes not. I have tried salt in the water, and vinegar, but nothing is 100%.

Older eggs are easier to peel. So too are eggs that have been cracked and refrigerated in ice water for a bit (30 minutes at least, and up to an hour) ... and peeling eggs under water (in a bowl or under a running faucet) can also facilitate peeling.

They peel easily while hot. Once they cool down, the shell starts to stick. After boiling, immediately remove one egg at a time with a large spoon and carefully run cold water over it. Quickly, crack the spoon on it and shell should come off easily. But don't wait too long to cool or it will stick.

It depends on the freshness and weather you over boiled them or not. bring a salted pot of water to boil then add the eggs for 8 mins. They will come out perfect. Let the eggs sit out while you are boiling the water or else they will crack from the sudden heat.

I think its the temp of the egg. I boil the egg,dump the water,then refill the pot with cold water.Once the egg can be held without burning my hand, I tap and roll the egg on the counter and the shell comes off in 2 pieces.

Use eggs that are not fresh... buy the eggs and let them sit out on the counter for a couple days and they will peal super easily.

Eggs don't spoil out on the counter btw... in case you are afraid of that.

Its all about the salt. If you add salt to the boiling water while the eggs are boiling it will make the shells peel very easy.

Famlily trick

Really fresh eggs dont peel as easy as eggs that are a few days old when boiled.

i think it depends on how long you boil the eggs and how hot they ate

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