I'm on a diet...was this breakfast okay?!

Question: I'm on a diet...was this breakfast okay?
ok so im on a diet and trying to lose weight...im wonderin...does this sound like a good breakfast??:::

i had::

1 can of progresso chicken noodle soup with hot sauce (250 calories)
1 apple and carrot crushers from trader joes (60 calories)

so did that sound good? and also.......what should i have for lunch!!!!
thanks and

5 stars to the best answerrrrrrr ;]


1 i think its okay
2 diet is worst way to lose weight, because it makes you more hungry and hungry, so if you dont eat all day (example), tomorrow you will eat something with 2000 calories

best way to lose weight is to eat only vegtables and to use less bread

Best wishes from Serbia ^^

Katie, wouldn't be the way I would go.

Lunch? It's almost supper. I would have a fillet of fish broiled or poached, or you could bake it, and a lite salad.

Back to breakfast, I would have thought something like Special K with the toasted almonds, fruit compot, class of chilled juice, a slice of toast, possibly with a poached egg. This way your getting all your groups in, and it's a good start to the day.

Try low carbing. Your breakfast was high carb, low protein.

You could have had a packed cup of scrambled egg and a whole bunch of celery for about 200 calories - and you'd still be FULL.

you should always have some diary with breakfast too. with a light breakfast i would go to mcdonalds for lunch and get a McRib and supersize it

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