do you prefer to buy frozen pancake or homemade pancake?!

Question: Do you prefer to buy frozen pancake or homemade pancake?
If you prefer home made pancake, do you buy the all ready mixed flour, or you prepare the flour, and ect by your self? which one do you think taste better?


I personally prefer homemade pancakes. Frozen pancakes can sometimes still taste a little hard after you microvave them. I usually buy either Bisquick, or Aunt Jemima's pancake kit.

Mm...I found this.

I think frozen pancakes have a gluey flavor or feeling. I would use anything from sourdough to flour to bisquick to make pancakes. Depends on what's on hand.


My tongue

Homemade Pancakes!

Home-made is amazing<3333


home made but with the mixed flour. Its a MILLION times better than the frozen

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