What to pack for the perfect packed lunch?!

Question: What to pack for the perfect packed lunch?
I'm going on a trip with my class and have to pack a lunch, haven't had to do that since high school lol so what would be a GREEAAT packed lunch? thanks :) would like some ideas xxx


Shrimp salad and a baguette

Dice or shred some chicken (I often grab the rotisserie from the deli to save time), add
Diced apples, a little shredded carrot, some crushed walnut or pecans if you like and then mix together with Dijon mustard and mayo to taste. You can keep this separate and eat as a salad or put on some french or sourdough. You can add fresh spinach, watercress, your favorites...
Take a bottle of water and freeze the night before so you can put it with lunch to keep it cold when you go on your trip. And have something to drink with lunch.
Bring some grapes, sliced strawberries or baby carrots. Baked chips if you prefer.
Add a cookie or two, or a dozen or so to share.

A sandwich of your fav lunch meat and/or cheese with lettuce, tomato, and onion (sans the onion if you're afraid of onion breath afterward) on whole grain bread, fruit of your choice, a handful of side like whole grain crackers, tortilla chips, pretzels to munch on if you find you're still hungry.

well my favorites include the following
chicken salad
lobster with butter on a bun
shrimp on a bun
banana on a bun
jelly and honey on a bun
i hope that you will be able to find something that will properly suit your packed lunch needs :P

Pack a couple slices of cold sausage pizza, a half liter can of mountain dew, a quarter pound of salami on white bread with mustard as a condiment, around 5 to 6 chewy cookies, and a bag of Doritos.

perfect packed lunch could be anythin u like.....but dont pack which need to be reheated again before having it and which can be carried easily...avoid icecreams, soups, fatty foods,

Chicken salad on a croissant, cheese cubes and fruit, and a drink - maybe lemonade.

Something that makes the other kids jealous... heck go to Subway! That makes everyone jealous!

you forgot two things... mustard is a condiment AND the second bag of doritos! :D


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