What herb do you use most when cooking?!

Question: What herb do you use most when cooking?
I use thyme all the time!!! lol

Seriously, it is my favourite herb.


oh yes its basil fresh if you can but dried is ok for me but thyme as well not always together , the two together are known as erbs de provence, in france , comes from where they grow together on the hillside. they are sold together in packages.
I use them in all beef dishes but also with poultry very seldom with pork ,good in pasta dishes.
Excuse the lack of a H in herbs but that's the french pronunciation

I use Italian seasoning all the time, it's basil, oregano, thyme and marjoram all in one. Sort of a catch all that makes a lot of what I cook taste really good.

Hrmm probably chives! Great in rice and cous cous dishes, as well as scrambled eggs. Next to that would be fresh parsley in pastas or casseroles.

Uhhh, Cannabis?



Parsley. Boring, but true.

basil and oregano

Love my cumin!


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