Strawberries or Grapes?!

Question: Strawberries or Grapes?
Which do you think is more delicious?


I love both! First of all, strawberries can be made into Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry smoothies etc. On the other hand, grapes do make a delicious juice and of course popsicles that are flavored grape are always delicious in the summer:) Not to mention they are both great when served on their own, ( a bowl of strawberries or grapes.)

My opinion

Fresh wild strawberries grown in Northern Canada. They are extremely tiny (size of raisins) but taste so good. The ones grown in California are not as good, but I like them better then grapes. The grapes that my store sells usually come from Chile which is in South America, and that is kind of far.

Strawberries!! aka...My favorite food in the whole entire world!! ...also known as THE best food in the whole entire world...although they taste even yummier with normal sugar, powdered sugar. favorite...CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!! YUM!!
but ya .... strawberries

Grapes seldom disappoint so I'll go with Grapes as being the most delicious. Strawberries, depending on the season can be perfect or like 3D red water tasting!!!

STRAWBERRIES!!!!! Because you can dip them in chocolate, make them into smoothies, put them in jello, cakes, cupcakes, drinks, or eat them raw!! They are so versitle!!!!!!! And YUMMY!!

Oh, tough one... they are both so so good when ripe but both so so bad when not ripe (ssssssssssour!) I woud have to say, this time of year my answer is strawberries. In a nother month or so it will be grapes.

chocolate covered strawberries...

also have had deep fried strawberries....

i loveeee grapes! I think I am addicted to them because I seriously cannot go a week without delicious red grapes.

I like grapes (red) better than strawberries. When ever I buy strawberries they sit in the fridge until they go bad. I like them but never seem to eat them.


Though if it's those tiny little grapes that taste like honey water...I love them, but can never find them!


Strawberries !!!




Grapes !


I personally like green grapes better :)

Strawberries for sure.


Mmm, I love both! But if I had to pick, I'd say strawberries.

Depends on my mood.

Both are equally as awful as each other... my taste buds!

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