Has anyone had any of that lately?!

Question: Has anyone had any of that lately?
Blue Waffle I Mean. I Kepp Hearing It. What Is It Taste Like?


I'll try to be as specific as I can - Blue waffles taste like strawberries and sugar with bubble gum in it. It has a tint of blueberry and a smidge of apple. It's quite delish! :p You should go on Google images and type in Blue-Waffles. You'll want to taste that sucker *Licks lips*

Blue waffles...it told me((:

Believe it or not it's very moist an juicy!

LOL... JK!

that is freaking sick!!!

i advise no one to google a blue waffle even though now everyone probably will

first time to hear it, sounds weird. now i wonder what it taste like!

dude. no. your sick

Sounds delicious, but I've never had it.

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