What is your favorite food?!

Question: What is your favorite food?
Just curious.. I'd like to try something new!


Fried chicken
Typical american food
I am not fat.I'm skat,finny (Is skinny act fat)

Mediterranean diet is perfect, because it offers simplicity, delicious flavors and health to your body. Just the combination that fits into today's life. Fish and sea food combined with lots of vegetables, pasta with tomato sauce and garlic, a small glass of red wine per day and above all - great variety of fresh colors on your plate. I honestly recommend it to all!


yorkshire pudding, i can't get enough of it, you should try it if you haven't already.

Ravioli :)
Wontons (;
Creamy potato soup? lol


Salmon. This is the most asked question in the Food & Drink category.


bombay chicken biryani

McDonald's french fries

filet mignon


popcorn shrimp mixed with gummy worms

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