Why is Dr. Pepper so addicting?!

Question: Why is Dr. Pepper so addicting?
I have drank many different sodas in my days, but for some reason, dr. pepper is the most addicting one of them all. I just cant get over the taste!! why is that??


Well it's most likely the combination of the thirty plus grams of sugar, or the fact that Dr Pepper is in a red can. I would go with the latter choice which is that Dr Pepper is just the best drink, and invented by God himself

It's addictive mainly because it has a lot of caffeine which is highly addictive and it also contains a certain chemical that makes you think that you are thirsty when you are not hopefully it will be banned soon but that's the main reason it's the same with crisps and biscuits, except it makes you think your hungry.


I used to love Dr. Pepper when you could buy it glass bottles. The fizz would sometimes burn my nose. I think it's the combination of the sweet and that ever so slight peppery taste. No other soda has that.

you do know that dr.pepper is bad for your teeth. it's worse than mountain dew


It has that lovely cherry taste to it

OMG to many retards in this world common theres caffinne in it dumb ****!!

it's the caffeine and sugar of course

23 flavors! all make it really good

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