How hard is extreme couponing?!

Question: How hard is extreme couponing?
I am a stay at home mom with another on the way. I would like to find a hobby and I saw this show Extreme Couponing and I would really like to start doing something like this. I just don't know exactly how hard it is to find all the coupons some of these people find. One lady spent $250 before coupons and after coupons spent ONLY $6.20!!!!! I wanna learn how!!!!


Your more than welcome to follow my blog! I have made it very easy to understand so that anyone can just jump in and start saving money right away! I hope to see you there! Good luck!

Please realize this show is a REALITY show! It's meant to be jaw dropping. Just PLEASE know this is not typical! If you notice they say "This is her/his biggest savings to date". Some of them have been doing this for YEARS one even 30 years and these deals they show are their biggest deals to date!! Meaning this isn't even typical for them! It's a perfect storm scenario and HARD to come by. Read this here for how they did it!…

I'd find it very hard, since most of the food they offer coupons for are things I wouldn't even feed to my dog.

news papers you can get coupon books umm there are a bunch of different places to get coupons

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