I'm hungry... What should I eat for breakfast?!

Question: I'm hungry... What should I eat for breakfast?

Try this omelette:

2 eggs
black pepper ( to taste)
4 cherry tomatoes, or 1 large tomato.
1 slice of ham/bacon.
4 mushrooms
40-50ml of milk.

break eggs into a jug/bowl add black pepper, to taste. and add your milk into the eggs. and beat.

Now, chop your cherry tomatoes into quarters, or your lage tomato into slices.

Chop up your ham into about 1cm slices, and chop your mushrooms into quarters.

Put some oil in the pan, and fry off your mushrooms intill they start to colour.

Then throw in the ham and tomatoes in, and cook for 20 seconds.

Now add the eggs, and it is firm enough to flip over to cook evenly.

Throw it on a plate and eat up!


I know!!! I know!! I know!!!!!!
1.) Get some whole milk
2.) Pour it in a cup, any size
3.) Add some Nesquik Choco powder till chocotely enough for your own tastes buds
4.) Finish with a garnish of whipped cream
5.) Get a straw, a spoon, & ENJOY!!

As Paige said: I do LOVE french toast with syrup and melted mozzarella cheese on top! I like bacon with it too! :-)

I had it this morning! :-)

my personal favorite is cookie crisp! cant get enough of that! but otherwise bacon!, with pancakes and syrup! always a great start!

I like a good old bacon, egg and cheese bisquit. With a side of crispy hashbrown or fruit.


muesli and yogurt with sliced strawberries on top!!! delicious :)

hmmmm i love french toast with peanut butter and a lot of syrup with bananas lol :D

I like bacon with whipped cream. Thats what you should try

Scrambled eggs and pancakes..

Fruit! That's what I usually have...

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