How can I avoid pressure to drink? I am only a freshmen in highschool.?!

Question: How can I avoid pressure to drink? I am only a freshmen in highschool.?
I'm only a freshmen (15) and I am no where ready to get drunk constantly and sleep around with guys. Spring break was this week and even my friends are talking about how they hooked up with guys and got drunk. How to I avoid the peer pressure?


You just be strong with yourself Im almost 17 and i've never done anything with a guy or have ever been drunk. That doesnt mean im no fun. I party all the time... all my good friends make jokes with me, but thats fine. I have fun how i want to have fun and for me that doesnt involve sleeping around or getting drunk. You dont need to explain yourself to people why you're not. It's your choice, not theirs

You'll be breaking the law at 15 - if that means anything to you or your idiot friends..... or tell them you're a sweet Jehovah Witness.

As one would couldn't stand the taste of booze myself, you'll find you just don't have very many friends if you don't slobber up the booze with them and pretend to have "fun". And that's too bad.

But as you get older you'll find you're not dead in some stupid car accident - you own things you couldn't have owned if you bought booze all the time - and as you get older you'll find you have a lot less health problems than your booze friends.

Tell them to take a hike - and keep your eye out for other people who don't drink and make friends with them.

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