what should i do right now?!

Question: What should i do right now?
im hungry, but im not allowed too eat, but i wont be able to fall asleep easily.... but in the morning i wont be hungry either way


Are you allowed to drink milk? Milk will sit heavier in your stomach than just water and help satisfy you more. Also, it's common to mistake hunger for thirst, so you might just be thirsty anyways. Chewing gum is another way to help ease hunger; just don't eat the gum! XD

How about eating some fruit? Your mom/dad would almost have to let you eat fruit. It's really healthy for you! If they won't even let you eat fruit, maybe you could drink some milk. It is a lot more filling than water.

Stare at food you hate till your eyes can't take it anymore.

answer mine?

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