Is there such thing as a "strawberry cow"? Serious question?!

Question: Is there such thing as a "strawberry cow"? Serious question?
Okay, this is a serious question.

Today at school, during lunch, one of my friends asked if we knew what a pink cow was. We said no, and he said it's also known as a "strawberry cow", and that it makes strawberry milk. We told him he was dumb and there was no such thing. But then he went on and on about the proof he had.

He said they used to have a few of them in Europe, but now there is only one. He said that when a strawberry cow gives birth, its baby will be white, so you have to feed it strawberries as soon as it comes out of the womb, and continue to feed it nothing but strawberries, and the strawberries will be infused with their DNA, and will change their color pink, and they will be able to make strawberry milk. He said if you don't feed them strawberries as soon as they're born, they will stay white cows, but this only works with cows who's mothers are strawberry cows.

Has anyone heard of this? He said it happened in 2007 in Europe, and was all over Yahoo! news.


Nooooo there is no such thing. For one strawberries are not a cow's natural diet. For two, food does not get into the DNA and change the genetics of a baby. DNA is established at conception/fertilization and causes everything else to emerge.

It is possible, though, for nutrients and possibly flavors, that the mother eats to be in the mother's milk and passed to the baby through the milk. So if a mother animal ate a lot of strawberries, maybe her milk would taste a little like that. It wouldn't be pink.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA one of the best questions ever.

No, you're friend is an idiot, and the story is hilarious.

That isn't correct at all. There's no such thing as a strawberry cow, no. Or a butter cow, or a chocolate cow for that matter.

common sense

THIS IS TO FUNNY YOUR FRIEND IS JUST BEING AN IDIOT I can honestly tell you there is no strawberry,chocalate,carmel or any other flavor cows sooo my advice to you is stop listen to your dumb friend

Your friend is lying to you. There's no cow that gives strawberry or chocolate or any other flavored milk.

No, This isn't real. Your friend is either mentally retarded, or he is trolling you.

Well it is true I believe. Its like feeding a cow some co co. Yeah it is very confusing to me also.

Your friend is pulling you leg. This is only true for chocolate cows.

Yuck, strawberry milk. Isn't that kind of like freezing a cow to get ice cream? lol

omg no

No, although there is a bit of gene splicing between strawberries and fish. It doesn't affect the taste, but it makes them breed faster.

But a "[color] cow" is a dessert drink made out of milk, ice cream and soda. A black cow uses cola, a brown cow is made of root beer, and a pink cow is made with a red beverage such as cream soda or cherry soda.……

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