Baking equitment and Ingredients ?!

Question: Baking equitment and Ingredients ?
So I am 12 , turning 13 in about 2 and 1/2 weeks . I want a professional amazing cake . I LOVE baking , I was gunna make my own but I don't know where to start where do I even get amazing baking equitment and ingredients like you see on " cake boss " - we can't afford a big bakery cake ;)


I love to cook too!!

Try going to high-quality cooking shops like Williams & Sonoma (google it to find website, or there's one in Philly if you live in Pennsylvania), Kitchen Kapers (also google it to find website or there's one in Moorestown, NJ), Sur La Table (a store in the King of Prussia mall, Pennsylvania that has cooking classes as well.. also google), and even Target has some good bakeware. Same with Kohl's, in the bakeware section they have all kids of equipment from high-quality companies.

I would have to say the best ingredients for cakes are probably either at Williams & Sonoma or just plainly at a supermarket. However, Williams & Sonoma is a little on the "expensive" side, so look for coupons online:)

Hope this helps!! Happy cooking!!

If you can't afford a 'big bakery cake', you can't afford 'Cake Boss' quality equipment, either. Not to worry, though, we plebes have been baking with less than gold-plated equipment for centuries.
All you need is measuring cups (Pyrex for liquid measure; plastic is fine for dry measure), measuring spoons, some mixing bowls (stainless or glass), good quality baking pans (I prefer Pyrex cake, pie, and casserole dishes), and decent quality muffin tins and baking sheets. NO ALUMINUM!
Add a few wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, a whisk, spatula, decorating bag and tips, and you can bake some excellent goodies.
Ingredients for the cake are entirely dependent on the one you want to make. Find something you want to do, follow the recipe exactly, and decorate as you wish. Good luck, and welcome to the kitchen!

45 years of loving to cook.

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