Gluten free foods without special breads and such?!

Question: Gluten free foods without special breads and such?
My best friend recently found out she has a gluten allergy and is dairy intolerant. I want to have her over for lunch and dinner but it is hard because she can barely eat anything. If anyone has good gluten free and dairy food ideas that don't require me to buy a lot of expensive breads and things for just one recipe that would be great. Thanks!


my mum is dairy intolerant and she can't eat gluten or wheat either and she often buys gluten free pasta and we have spaghetti bolognaise because it is very easy to cook and you won't be in danger of undercooking, all you need to do is just check that the pasta sauces you are using don't have dairy in but it is easy to find ones that don't. or another idea is maybe potatoes which my mum loves! so maybe a baked potato with chilli which is like bolognaise sauce aswell so easy to do...hope this helps!!

Its really not that difficult, just stay away from some special 'gluten free' packaged foods coz sometimes they can taste not-so-good.

Meat, Rice, Salad, Baked Potatoes, Potato Soup, Minestrone Soup, Popcorn, Fruits, BBQ steak + sausage , corn on the cob, fish, shellfish!

you can find out more about recipes here:

You can make a stir fry with rice. Just be careful what kind of sauce you put on it because not just bread has gluten.
Or you could talk to your friend and maybe you two can cook dinner together, that way she can teach you about what she can have.

Meat. (or chicken or fish...)
Potatoes or rice.
Just keep it simple, and you'll do fine. Don't use butter when you're preparing the potatoes or rice. No cheese sauce on the veg. Olive oil is good for preparing foods (and healthier than butter anyway).

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