Does a bamboo cutting board hold up well?!

Question: Does a bamboo cutting board hold up well?
How long do they last? Does food get stuck in the pores causing mold and bacteria growth?
Any personal experience would be great.


I have several and they are great. Easy to clean and very durable. I've had mine close to 8 years now.

How long they last depends of course on the brand you buy and how frequently you use it. Plastic ones seem to be the hardest to clean out of wood and bamboo + plastic ones.
Personally I like to use wood ones because they feel sturdier and I like the thick and heavy look. If you're looking to buy one to last a long time. I'd still recommend a wooden one.…

I have two and they're great. No problems with them at all. I'm not sure about the mold and bacteria growth but you shouldn't cut meat on wood cutting boards because I believe all wood ones have the potential to trap bacteria. Also, hand wash them. But overall, I would recommend them. Plus you can find them for pretty cheap!

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