Pls tell me how to Loose belly fat with gaining muscles?!

Question: Pls tell me how to Loose belly fat with gaining muscles?
What exercises should i do to Loose belly fat and other body fats? I want to gain muscles, i am not fat at all but i just have this little lump at the lower of my belly that i cant get rid of i tried pull ups for month



I understand the problem you’ve been going through when trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. My friend was in the same situation as you, nothing seemed to work for him until he came across the truth about six-pack abs. He’s had great success with it, and maybe this is something which could be right for you. Good luck !

Unfortunately, you can't lose fat in any particular part of the body alone (unless you have liposuction done on that area). Everyone has different areas they collect the fat they have, which is determined by genetics.

To lose fat, just eat fewer calories. You will lose it from all the fat cells in your body though, not from any one place.
If you want to develop muscles in your abdomen, exercise that part of your body (crunches, leg lifts, etc). That won't make you lose fat there but it can keep all the organs/etc inside your abdomen better supported, and perhaps hold them all more into the body. It will also be good for your spine and other parts in general. Plus any muscle anywhere in your body will burn more calories than fat/etc would, even at rest, so a bit of benefit there too.

Over the course of the 12-week program, you can expect to eat small, frequent meals containing plenty of fiber and protein, for fullness without too many calories.

"We emphasize the quality of the calories so you can meet your nutritional needs [and] enjoy more natural, healthy whole foods and lean proteins that will help you deal with hunger before it happens," says Forberg.

And you won't be eating any "appetite stimulating" white foods like bread, pasta, or potatoes. Keeping daily food logs, watching portion sizes, and drinking 48-64 ounces of water each day round out the basic plan.

You can also count on daily workouts, starting at 30 minutes and increasing to an hour. The book contains a detailed cardio and strength-training program that increases in intensity for a "fat-busting boost." You'll also find plenty of tips and inspiration from former contestants throughout the book.

Sounds simple enough, but when you don't have a personal trainer pushing you, as the TV contestants have, how do you stay motivated? You can join The Biggest Loser club for online support, meal plans, recipes, customized fitness information, a journal, and more for about $5 per week. Biggest Loser cookbooks and fitness books are also available for purchase.

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