Is flavoured water just as bad as soft drinks?!

Question: Is flavoured water just as bad as soft drinks!?
i mean yer theyve both got sugar n stuff!.!.!.!.i just i guess!.
im trying to cut out all soft drinks!.!. even diet ones!.!. and wonerin if!. flavoured water is okkay!.!. or cordial!.!.flavourd water meaning!.!. gatorade !.!.powerade !.!.mizone!.!. ot should i jus stick to!.!. water andd fruit juice!.!.!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

gatorade, powerade, mizone are all loaded with sugar!.!.!.so unless you are going to work this all off with exercise I would not go there!.!.!.

I'm a teacher and we had a nutritionist come in and she informed of the amount of sugar in mizone and I was shocked!.!.!.there's about 8 and a half tsp of sugar in mizone!.!.!.!.a can of coke has 17 tsps and a bottle of powerade had 21!

I know it's not really want we want to hear!.!.!.but water is the best thing for our bodies!.!.!.!.

A doctor once said to me regarding water!.!.!.!.it's not the best tasting drink but it's useful to the body!.!.!.so that's how I look at it!.!.!.!.GOOD LUCKWww@FoodAQ@Com

I wouldn't say so!.

Considering flavored water regularly tastes extremely light of what its taste is supposed to be!.

Gatorade and powerade I would say is ok but when you need it!.

Flavored water shouldn't hurt you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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