What has caffeine content that is similar to coffee?!

Question: What has caffeine content that is similar to coffee!?
Vivarin!.!.!.Nodoz!.!.!.!.these are pills over the counter!.!.!.

Mountain dew has the most of soft drinks!.!.

Tea has the most of any drink other than coffee!.!.!.

So, your answer is nothing except the pills!.!.!.!.the pills work great except the side effects include a persons stomach lining getting compromised in the long run!.!.!.!.

If you are into lifting weights and exercise there are things you can buy in vitamin shoppe, etc!.!.!.I personally use redline!.!.!.the stuff is potent and contains as much caffeine as coffee but extra ingredients to increase the energy boost!.!.!.

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this should answer your question, I hope any wayWww@FoodAQ@Com

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