Too Much Fizzy Drinks...HELP PLEASE!!!!

Question: Too Much Fizzy Drinks!.!.!.HELP PLEASE!!!
My niece who is 6 has too much drinks
Every-time I see her she is drinking some sort of drink!.!.she never/rarely has water
for example a typical day wud be!.!.a can of coke in the morning then 3/4 hours later she steals her mums drink of tango and drinks it!.!.and then eveyrtime she eats she has a glass of coke or fanta
n before she goess bed evryday she has milkshake! full of sugar!
evrytime i tell her she starts hittin me n screaming and cries and i tell her mother who jus yells at me becoz she thinks im making an assumption shes a bad mother when im not!.!.!.her mother has tried to stop her but my niece jus yells/screams n her mother gives in!.!.!.even my nephew who is her brother who is only 2 drinks a can of coke a DAY!.!.my neice had to go to dentist several times coz of her teeth and they told the mother not to give her coke!.!.so my neice doesnt drink coke no more (but secretly does) and her mother instead or givin her water or healthy juices gives her fanta!.!.i mean fanta is still bad she might aswell have coke!.!.!.

i myself have 12 glasses of water a day and rarely have any drinks what should i do!.!? im really worried!.!.ive told their parents but dont seem like its gettin in their head!.!.imn scared theyll only realise when its too late!.!.the kids r not fat or anythin and i apologise for u havin to read to longWww@FoodAQ@Com

i myself was a total addict to any sort of soda!. and i realized it wasnt the caffeine, because i was more then willing to drink caffeine free soda!. it was all about a carbonated drink!. so i looked for healthier alternatives with the reward of carbonation, and i found the perfect solution!. have your neice try club soda or seltzer with 3-4 ounces of fruit juice!. it tastes like a fruity soda, but it is SO SO SO much better for you!

hope this helps! Www@FoodAQ@Com

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