Why does organic milk last so much longer than regular milk?!

Question: Why does organic milk last so much longer than regular milk!?
And what are the benefits of organic milk as opposed to non-organic!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Because most of the Organic Milk is ultra- pasteurized( something I don't like)!.
I like when milk goes bad in 7-10 days and not milk that lasts 2 months because is was cooked to such a high degree!.
That kills all the good bacteria!.
So what are the benefits!?
Well, it depends on what you believe!.
I worked for Organic companies years ago and I'm not a believer( sorry)!. I've seen more bad "Organic items pulled off the shelves of Whole Foods then I've ever seen in a conventional store I managed!. In fact last week all their "Organic" chopped meat was pulled because of E-Coli ( yes, this is what people pay twice the price for) ding-dongs!.
No better or safer then anything else!.
The benefits are, no growth hormones, no pesticide( sure) were used, no antibiotics were used on the animal or their feed!.
also, there are conventional milk companies that also ultra-pasteurize and they'll last 6 to 8 weeks also!.
Try making whipped cream out of ultra pasteurized cream, then try it with just regular pasteurized!.(you'll see what I mean)!.
If I ( and many other people) could have their way, we would opt for raw, unpasteurized milk!.
That's the real deal, that's the best tasting and it's legal in Europe and I never hear anyone dying from it!. It's healthier!.The only people I would not advise to drink raw milk are pregnant women!.

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