To ACTUAL Kava drinker.. Where is a good website to order kava?!

Question: To ACTUAL Kava drinker!.!. Where is a good website to order kava!?
I'm looking for ground root, NOT pills, I've heard over and over that pills suck!.

I just don't want to waist 35 bucks on a nasty powder that's probably half dirt that was harvested to early!.!.

Please, just people that have actually ordered online before and know who sells "the good stuff"Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'm a kava processor in Vanuatu and I wholesale and retail high quality kava powder, instant kava and frozen green kava (wholesalers only)!.
I have wholesalers that can deliver to most places in the world or you can buy direct from my factory depending what country you live in!. References are available on quality and integrity!.
my website is klinkava!.com from there you can email me direct!.
My kava powder has no nasty smells or taste and is the strongest kava powder on the market!. There are no additives or contaminants in any of my products!. All extractions are done using water !.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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