How do coffee house's froth milk?!

Question: How do coffee house's froth milk!?
I seen them use this strange thing in Starbucks!. It was just like a metal jug with a stick in it which seemed to be a thermometer but other then that there didnt seem to be anything that actually did the frothing!

Can you do it at home without having to buy a milk frother/coffee maker!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have a frother on my cappuccino machine!. It steams the milk but I've seen them for sale in stores for quite cheap!. You can buy them and just put them into a pitcher at home and froth up your own milk!. You can also look online and buy them!. It just steams up the milk and makes it nice and frothy!. I actually use it when I make my hot chocolate to give it a nice heady forth!. I adore hot chocolate!.
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Milk is frothed by inserting a steam jet under the surface of the milk, which is how I believe Starbucks does it!. The thermometer helps ensure that the milk doesn't scold, and that the proper temperature is attained!.

There are two methods I know of to make frothed milk at home without an espresso machine!. The first is a glass container with a mesh whisk that you pump warm milk up and down until frothed (which is what I use)!. Another method involves heating it on a stove and blowing into it with a straw, which is not what I recommend (it's more trouble that it's worth)!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

they are milk frothers they are really cheap and easy to get!. you can buy them at any home store!. but if you don't want to then wait till the milk container is half full and shake it and shake it and shake it!. it has the same effect but with a little more work :) hope that helped!.
here is one onlineWww@FoodAQ@Com

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