Can I use dark roast coffee beans to make espresso. Or should I buy designated "espresso" beans.?!

Question: Can I use dark roast coffee beans to make espresso!. Or should I buy designated "espresso" beans!.!?
You may use any beans you like to make espresso!. However, certain beans are better than others!. I blend 3 parts South American, and 1 part each Indonesian, African, and Central American!. I roast it very dark, JUST oily, but not black!. "Espresso" beans are regular beans, just blended for espresso brewing, which, is a very specific way to brew!. Unless you have a really good espresso machine (not a $59 version from Wal Mart) it doesn't matter!. Use whatever!.

I use dark roast and grind them really fine!. It works for me!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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