Drinking water question?!

Question: Drinking water question!?
When you drink water all that water that your body retained is lossed!.!. this is true cause i have seen the difference in drinking water
but what my question is , if you drink water everday does your body become completly dependant on the same amount each day!? They say drinking water plumps your skin up and makes it healthy cause the cells are hydrated!.!. but they also say when you dont drink enough water your body holds on to what it has and you get puffy skin which makes it plump!.!.!.

Way to much mis leading info on the web!.!. whats your benefits from drinking water or what can you tell me about itWww@FoodAQ@Com

Your body needs a certain amount of water daily, but that amount will vary depending on the water you get from other beverages and even the food you eat!. Water helps keep your skin healthy, helps replace water lost by sweating, etc!. but you're worrying too much about retaining water!. Your skin won't get puffy from retaining water unless you're seriously dehydrated and there are far more serious medical issues with dehydration than puffy skin!.

Drink when you're thirsty, forget the 8 glasses of water daily stuff (that's been disproven) and if you're truly worried about your skin's health, see a dermatologist!. They're experts and can give you specific advice on how to keep your skin looking good and staying healthy!.


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