Looking for a cheap coffee grinder in US?!

Question: Looking for a cheap coffee grinder in US!?
already tried black n decker and hamilton!. plz help me look for a reliable coffee grinder (to grind Indian spices) at around 10 to 20 $!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

hey try this website!.!.
it looks like they have alot of price ranges ranging from 10 to 22 bucks!.!. i think thats the best your gunna do!.!. i also had black and decker and didnt care for it so much but!.!. now i have Mr!. Coffee and i love it i paid 21 dollars at Walmart its a great buy!.!. if you dont have a walmart near you try a target or a chain store!.!.
Good luck, happy grinding!

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