Symptoms from 2 energy drinks and coffee within about a 20 hour period?!

Question: Symptoms from 2 energy drinks and coffee within about a 20 hour period!?
Ok so I do not usually drink energy drinks, in fact I have only drank 4 in my lifetime (more of a coffee person)!. I did not have much time to sleep between 12am and 7pm of the same day!.!.!.so I decided against sleeping!. I had one energy drink at around 12am, another the next day at around 1pm, and coffee earlier the same morning at around 6:30am ( I was helping to run an all day event)!. During most of the day I had trouble focusing, which did not bother me!. Later on that day at around 4pm I started to feel not myself!. It's hard to explain!.!.!.I felt like an outsider looking in!. My body felt foreign and I moved but felt distant!. My friend tried to talk to me, I had to focus on only my friends face so I could hear what they were saying!. Apparently I was mumbling which my friend later confirmed!. I was also confused (later on at around 7), a simple task of helping to clean up a mess became complicated to me!. I could not respond to answers properly and was only able to do simple task like wrapping wires without being overwhelmed!. I knew how to do most things, but I couldn't bring myself to do it!. I seriously considered finding a doctor but I had no idea how to explain my symptoms to someone else!.

I probably did a terrifically horrifying job at describing what occurred (apologies)!. It is probably not described correctly (but to the best of my abilities)

Were these symptoms caused by excess amounts of energy drinks and coffee!? Are these symptoms anywhere near normal!? I have never had/heard of side affects such as these before!.

I do not usually drink energy drinks at all, and I possibly have a cup of coffee a day!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

too much sugar and caffeine and not enough water and electrolytes getting into your body!. trust me i know the outsider looking in feeling when i have too much caffeine!. it makes you feel funny!. cut back on it and drink water and gatoradeWww@FoodAQ@Com

If you have any medical problems the place to ask questions would be at the doctors office and not here!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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