Does anyone like the soda squirt? whats in it?!

Question: Does anyone like the soda squirt!? whats in it!?
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Squirt is a caffeine-free citrus-flavored soft drink created in 1938 by Herb Bishop!. Bishop created a new drink that required less fruit and less sugar!. In Bishop’s opinion, it was the freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace!.[1] Bishop gave Squirt its name because the drink seemed to "squirt" into your mouth like a freshly squeezed grapefruit!. Squirt is naturally flavored and contains grapefruit juice (less than 1%)!. Another version, Ruby-Red Squirt, which is a citrus-berry flavor and contains caffeine, was created in 1993 with the help of Squirt Chemist Roy D!. Hugh, who also pioneered the use of aspartame in soft drinks in the United States!.[2]

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