Is tomato juice useful for our health? ...why?!

Question: Is tomato juice useful for our health!? !.!.!.why!?
yes but too much can cause goutWww@FoodAQ@Com

Tomatoes are believed to help prevent and even reverse disease!. Eat more tomatoes in any form - fresh or canned, raw or cooked, or processed in soups or as sauce, paste, juice, or ketchup!. Tomatoes have various disease fighting antioxidants, including the red pigment lycopene and an anti-clotting agent know as "P3 tomato factor!."
Eating tomatoes helps shield lungs from bad air and cigarette smoke!. In a study those who drank a 12 ounce can of tomato-heavy V-8 juice daily for three weeks showed 20% less DNA damage in their lungs cells from ozone pollution in a three week test than those not getting V-8!. Research also suggests lycopene helps ward off lung cancer!.

Tomatoes can make you less prone to clogged arteries and heart disease!. Studies show that middle age men with low lycopene are three times more apt to suffer heart attacks or strokes and 18% more apt to have narrowed carotid (neck) arteries!. Tomatoes help detoxify bad LDL cholesterol, hindering plaque buildup!. The yellow jelly around tomato seeds helps thwart blood clots!. In a study eating daily 1l/2 cups of tomato sauce or 2!.2 pounds of fresh tomatoes for three months reduced LDL cholesterol by 14%!.

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i say yes if you don't like veggies to much like me this is just another way of getting your veggies and not really knowing itWww@FoodAQ@Com

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