How much is too much drinking water?!

Question: How much is too much drinking water!?
The recommended amount of drinking water is 2 liters (about 8 glasses) in a day, but how much is too much water!?

What is the maximum number of liters that one could drink in one day that when exceeded would necessitate going to a hospital as a cause of over hydration!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

there is a thing called water intoxication
and i heard about this a few years back when there was a contest on some radio station and they had a water drinking contest and somebody died from drinking too much water
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a normal person should not drink more than 3 liter a day!. i say normal person because for example if you have diabetes you drink more, i know from my brother he can finish a gallon in couple hours because of high blood sugar!.
normally if you drink too much water blood may come with urine, because water will be too much for your kidneysss, or if you remember from news i think it was last year a woman died on the radio show, because she did drink tooooooooooooo much water!.
things have a limit, it is better not to exceed!.


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