Are the extra free boosts at Jamba Juice worth it?!

Question: Are the extra free boosts at Jamba Juice worth it!?
I've tried looking up what the individual ones do, but I can't really find any descriptions other than the ones in the store!. Anybody know for sure!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Here goes
I only really have a few down!.!.!. but i can tell you what they are supposed to do!.

Calcium contains, obviously, calcium and it has something else, i forget what, that helps you absorb it!.

The energy boost is simply one of the ingredients out of the 3G

Daily Vitamin it the most impressive to me!.!.!. its like taking a multivitamin, and its the only boost that has significant Iron content, so for ladies!.!.!. its a good one since there isn't a "femme" boost anymore!.

Green caffeine is just a green tea extract if i remember right, and green tea is caffeinated, so!.!.!. its really just a different kind of caffeine!.

Immunity pumps you full of all kinds of vitamins that assist your immune system!.!.!. I think it has a lot of vitamin C if i recall correctly!. It also have something to help you absorb the Vitamin C!.

Omega 3 aka Flax and Fiber well basically it tells you whats in it, it just helps your!.!.!. digestive tract!.

Heart Happy has something that basically prevents your blood stream from absorbing cholesterol!. It keeps your blood stream nice and clean!.

Antiox helps eliminate free radicals in your body!. this one is good for people recovering from a hangover!.!.!. though the best jamba product for those people is a wheat grass shot!. (which we can also put in your drink!.!.!. but a warning!.!.!. you can taste it)

Weight burner- this is the only boost with dairy, I'm not entirely sure what this one does, but basically IF you are exercising regularly!.!.!. this just helps speed things along!.

The protein boosts help to build muscles, and as they say!.!.!. they have whey or soy extracts!.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch here!.!.!. but hopefully this helps!

By the way when you go into Jamba, they should have a binder up front that gives you all the nutritional info for all the boosts and also tells what they do!.
It works a lot better than my memory :P

Oh yeah! You said that you looked at the descriptions in the store!.
Ask them to check the register binder (its called the RRR to them) It may have more of what you want to know!
If you need to know anything else!.!.!. hit me up!Www@FoodAQ@Com

it doesnt realy matterWww@FoodAQ@Com

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