I'm drinking coffee...(please read)?!

Question: I'm drinking coffee!.!.!.(please read)!?
its not a maths question i just dont no how long i can stay awake for!
i have an 1hr and a half geography exam at 1pm ( british time) and its now 9:40 am british time
i didnt sleep very well last night so im tired
im drinking a medium mug of coffee with milk and 1 tsp of sugar
how long will it keep me feeling awake for, and will i need 2 drink another!?!?!?
im just requiring common knowledge!.!.!. 10 points

Wait for result!. I mean if you'll feel that you want to sleep drink more coffee and my advice - it should be strong and very sweet coffee, because sugar will give you more energy! Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well, coffee will keep you awake but it won't be very good for your brain if you're having an exam!. It will keep your eyes open but your brain won't function very well!.

If you want the best way to stay awake have a hot shower and finish off with a dash of cold water!. Go for a jog, eat a healthy breakfast (but don't overeat because that will make you sleepy) and drink lots of water!.

Either way, hope you stay lively and good luck on your exam!

(btw, coffee effects everyone differently so it will depend entirely on you as to how many you need and how long one will keep you awake!.) Www@FoodAQ@Com

you should drink something with more caffeine Www@FoodAQ@Com

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