Can energy drinks produce mild euphoria?!

Question: Can energy drinks produce mild euphoria!?
I'm a naturally depressed person, lagging in energy!. I’d been diagnosed with major depressive disorder as child and it is recurrent, I was an SSRI (Zoloft) and an SSNRI (Effexor) in the past when it wasn’t under control and life wasn’t worth living!. It’s better in that sense now and I kind of needed to stop in order to use my penis for something else other than pissing! Ehem, so anyway!

I'm no energy drink addict, but I have them here and there, average of once, sometimes twice a week, three at the most on some crazy occasion, I don’t know!. That 'Mother' energy drink is the only one I buy now, I don't think it's available in the US, but it's basically your standard energy drink of taurine, caffeine and guarana, but its size is barely average at 500 mL, unlike those thrifty losers who make Red Bull and V with their pussy, cheap sized cans!. Anyway!

After feeling pretty blue for the past few days and all of today, I drink one of these and I’ve found myself awake and willing to concentrate and do my long overdue college work, but that’s not it, my depression is gone and I have a pretty moderate feeling of wellbeing to boot!

Although this drink has stimulant properties, caffeine and other less potent ingredients, this isn’t amphetamines we’re talking about!. I’ve never heard of anyone having a few energy drinks to elevate depression or create mild euphoria, only help diminish fatigue!. Can energy drinks produce mild euphoria!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

In my opinion they do! I was as happy as larry with my tunes on last night after 3 red bulls!. I also think they help with depression so yes I would say so!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

This is because to work effectively in providing energy they must work on both your brain and your body!. There are many stimulants in energy drinks!. Some specifically work on the mind, some on the body, and some do both!.

The B vitamins used in energy drinks are good for the brain!. However most energy drinks use either just enough to replace what the caffeine actually depletes our bodies of or not much more to normally make much of a difference energy wise!. However, someone that may be real low on B vitamins or have conditions where B vitamins make a difference even that little bit extra may be noticable!. The pioneer of healthy energy drinks, XS Energy put in a ton more B vitamins than any other energy drink before!. Becuase of this they are recommended for people that have ADD, ADHD, and even Autism!. It is because the B vitamins balance out the brain as much as stimulate it!.

also some energy drinks use Ginseng in them!. This is also really good for the brain and can aid in certain conditions too!.

I would not recommend using energy drinks to fight off your depression though!. Use them only for energy if needed!. However, I would recommend using good quality supplements since it is most likely them that is making the difference in you!. Use a good quality multi B vitamin complex!. The B vitamins work together so they are much more effective when taken together rather than taken individually as some people recommend!. also take a good quality Ginseng with Ginko Biloba!.

I can recommend the best international brand if you are interested!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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