I found a very old bottle with Ilkley aerated water on it . does anyone know anything as cant find anything?!

Question: I found a very old bottle with Ilkley aerated water on it !. does anyone know anything as cant find anything!?
Tried all internet no good !. Traced bottle to be over hundred years old ,but cant find a thing about it !. Thats Ilkley west yorkshire ls21Www@FoodAQ@Com

Plenty on the internet,eg:

The Ilkley Aerated Water Company was a subsidiary of the Ilkley Brewery which flourished in the 19th
From the Telegraph & Argus, first published Saturday 27th Nov 1999!.

Interestingly, the brewery building still stands in Brewery Road, Ilkley, and its original use is testified by a much faded painted sign on the west wall!.

The brewery building was erected in 1873 and the business was purchased by the Middlebrook brothers shortly afterwards!. Mr J Middlebrook acted as manager and secretary while his brother, Mr E L Middlebrook, was the head brewer!.

I have in my possession a copy of Foster and Rogers illustrated guide to Ilkley-in-Wharfedale published in 1893!. The article about the brewery says: `From time immemorial the purity of the Ilkley water has been extolled as one of the greatest gifts bestowed by beneficient nature on this highly-favoured district of beautiful Wharfedale, and there can be no doubt whatever that the constant supply afforded by the wells and springs will always bear the most strict and searching analysis without danger of losing its good name!.

`But, even in this fin de siecle, temperance age, there are those who prefer, and in many cases absolutely require, beverages somewhat more stimulating and nourishing in their effect from the limpid liquid produced so generously from the innermost recesses of Mother Earth; and therefore, the demand for the excellent malt liquors of the Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company, which, by the way, are brewed from this very water, is an extensive and constantly sustained one

`The Messrs Middlebrook are gentlemen of much experience, and it is partly due to their careful attention to the affairs of the brewery, and partly to the combination of fine malt and hops with the famous Ilkley water, that the brewings of the company are held in such high estimation, not only in the immediate neighbourhood, but in Leeds and Bradford as well!.

An advert in Shuttleworth's Guide Book to Ilkley, third edition published in 1882, states: `The Ilkley Bottled Beer - with the well-known registered trade mark of Olicana on the labels - has long been a general favourite; and the Ilkley Extra Stout for invalids will be found to possess, besides a delicious flavour, all the strengthening and health-giving qualities of the finest English malt and hops!.

`It is a speciality which we can thoroughly recommend, and it has received very flattering encomiums from the medical faculty - lemonade, ginger-beer, soda, potass, and selzer water are supplied in corked bottles, or in syphons!.'

As for how Mr Hunter's bottle reached Ohio, one can only speculate!. For a company which considered Leeds and Bradford as somewhat distant, it seems unlikely that it exported mineral water to the United States!.

It is more likely that the bottle was taken across by an emigrant!. Poor migrants crossed the Atlantic by steerage class, occupying the lowest decks of the ships, and had to provide their own food and refreshments for the long voyage!.

It is possible that the Ilkley aerated water gave short-lived refreshment to one of the thousands of migrants who left Yorkshire (even the delights of Wharfedale) during the 19th century!.

Mr Hunter has a rare object!. But one of little worth!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Old bottles don't tend to retain much value!. If you'd found a Du Pape 1842, it'd be different! Bottle manufacturers have come and gone and Ilkley would be the same, even bar t'at!. You've got an old mass-produced bottle with most of it's original content!. Have a look at the link below!. He's expert in old bottles and accepts email queries!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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