Another question: This time about my new teapot?!

Question: Another question: This time about my new teapot!?
OK!. I know this sounds very dumb to all you veteran teapot and kettle users!. But I always have made my tea by putting a cup of water in the microwave (i know, i know) and then putting the tea bag in!. But I just got this ADORABLE teapot, but I have no idea how to make tea with it!? HELP!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Boil water in your kettle using the stove!. Or if you have no kettle or no stove - heat water to boiling in the microwave!. You will need TWICE the amount of water used to make the tea!.

Once the water is boiling - pour it into the teapot, put the lid on!. Let this sit for 1-2 minutes - this is to heat the tea pot out!. During this time - keep the kettle on the heat or reboil the water in the microwave!.

Dump out the water used to heat the teapot - then put in the tea bag if that is what you are using - or loose tea in a strainer, and pour the water over the tea into the pot!.


Honey, lemon or cream - as you wish!.


in russia, we make super-strong tea in the pot, pour a little into each cup, then add boiling water!. we keep the tea 24-36 hours!. we use black tea!. (the adulterated types are usually cheap teas with scented candle flavoring added! hee hee) they may spoil faster- i do not know!. next day, if in doubt, smell the strong tea- if it is not good, it will have a foul odor
put 4 or 5 tea bags, or teaspoons of loose tea into the pot, fill 2/3 with boiling water and let steep (marinate -to use a slang word) 5 minutes!. pour about 20% of a serving cup and add the other 80% hot water to the cup!. even after a day, you pour hot fresh tea!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

OK Sweetie, Simple!. just boil the water in your new tea pot and pour the water over the tea in your cup!. Congrats on your new Tea Pot! and enjoy!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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