Why would you like to work at Starbucks Coffee Company?!

Question: Why would you like to work at Starbucks Coffee Company!?

Hey! I was looking for the exact same question, and here's an answer I found that greatly helped me!.

"I am a manager of a coffee house that "proudly serves Starbucks," and I can tell you that I am looking for employees who are out-going, friendly, quick thinkers, quick learners, have experience, and want to advance with my company!.

I suggest you write something to the effect, "I want to work for Starbuck's because I am out-going, friendly, a quick learner, and I believe I could contribute these personal aspects to your store, while learning important skills to mutually benefit both myself and the company!."

If you should write this - please prove it in the interview - when I hire I look at your listed jobs, first, to see if there are buzz words that apply to my business - cashier, customer service, cleaning, restaurant, barista, before I even read the entire listing!.

I also look at job history and ask why you were at a specific job for such and such period, why did you leave, what did you like about this job!?

Starbuck's is looking for energetic people with a really good, bubbly personality!. If you can at least fake that for 8 hours a day, you're golden!. Do not act shy at your interview and be prepared to say absolutely positive things about your previous employers - us managers kind of wonder about people who say, "Oh, I left because my manager was a douche bag, and wouldn't give me a day off to go see Greenday!."

Though if rephrase it to say, "I was having a hard time balancing my schedule and other important events in my life, and I decided to look else where, because I need a more flexible schedule," this sounds way better!.

also talk about the company from the aspect of a potential employee - don't say "Oh I love Starbucks! Carmel Macchiatos are the bomb!" Say stuff like "I came here as a customer, and I really enjoy the products, I talked to a few of the baristas and did a little research online, and Starbuck's really seems like a positive place to work, offering great options to employees and guests alike, and I think that is great for such a large company to look out for everyone in the process of business!."

I hope this helps!.!.!. don't memorize it word for work, but think "perky, asset to company, reliable, mature, outgoing!." They provide really good training for the rest!. :)

Best wishes!"

-- Written by mrfrooWww@FoodAQ@Com


I wouldnt, they discriminate againtst troops fighting in different countries!.
A group of soldiers wrote to Starbucks asking if they would kindly send some coffee and they wrote saying !.!.!.No because they dont agree with the war!.
Nor do most people but in my view, you support your troops!Www@FoodAQ@Com

the aroma, how to make wonderful delicious coffee, and yummy treats!.!.!.i think it's really fun to learn how to make things like that!.!.!.^_^
(my opinion)Www@FoodAQ@Com

me >!.<Www@FoodAQ@Com

I wouldn't!. Have you been around a bunch of crabby customers when they haven't had their caffeine fix yet!? No thanks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

umm hello!.!.!. COFFE!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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