Im addicted to coke?!?!

Question: Im addicted to coke!?!!?
well not the drug but the drink!.!.
i feel like i always need a drink of coke, i've started drinking like up to 4 cans a day now, and its giving me real bad acne to lol!.!.
any ideas of how to get off it!?!
also how many do you have a day!? or a weekWww@FoodAQ@Com

Ok so you want to give up Coca Cola!? You’re not alone, may people have found themselves drinking too much Coca Cola and want to cut back or eliminate it completely from their body!. I used to find myself drinking as many as six or even eight cans worth of Coke a day!. Way too much!. To tell you the truth I felt dependent on it and needed it to be able to function properly!. In fact, whenever I tried to cut back, I suffered severe headaches (caffeine headaches)!. This made me drink more cola!. Ugh!. When you’re drinking so much Coke that cutting back give you headaches, you’re drinking too much!.

But why is Coca Cola (and other colas, Pepsi and the others are no better) difficult to give up!? Simple - they contain a LOT of caffeine and sugar, both of which are chemicals which alter your body’s chemistry!. Whether Coke is addictive or not is not an argument that I’m interested in getting caught up in, suffice to say that people do find it very difficult to give up!.

So, how should you give up drinking cola!? Well, the first thing that you need to do is decide 100% that you want to cut down or give up!. Be honest otherwise you’ll be sucked back into drinking the stuff!. Set yourself a goal!. Write it down and make it a commitment!. To be honest with you, in the long run it’s easier to give up completely than it is to cut down, however, cutting down might be a good route to giving up!. It might help to remind yourself how bad cola is - the sugar, the calories, the caffeine, the acid rotting your teeth … pick what works for you!. Decide that enough is enough! If you can’t come up with a good reason to dump cola, you’re not yet ready to do it!. Have a good long think about why you want to quit cola and come up with at least two strong reasons!.

Remember to be kind to yourself too - if cola is one of the biggest hurdles facing you, you’re not doing too badly at all!

Secondly, replace the cola with something else!. Lemonade, green tea, water or water with a dash of lemon are good alternatives!. You’ll need to keep your liquid intake up!. Drinking between 1!.5 to 2 liters of water a day will help flush toxins out of your body and take your mind off cola!.

Now to the part that people find difficult - the giving up part!. There are two ways that you can approach giving up:

- Go cold turkey, decide to quit and then quit
- Ramp down over a period of time

When I quit I went cold turkey because while it’s harder during the initial stages, the process is faster overall!. I also quit coffee at the same time - a double whammy!.

So what can you expect during your first few days of quitting!? Here’s some of the symptoms you might experience:

- Headaches
- Lethargy
- Excessive thirst
- Inability to concentrate
- Disturbed sleet patterns

If you experience one of more of these symptoms, don’t panic - they will pass after a few days (week at most for most people)!. If you’re aware of the fact that things are going to be a little difficult before you start, you’re less likely to become disheartened and give up!.

Keep your fluid intake up - that will lessen the symptoms!. also, remind yourself regularly that you don’t drink Coke any more!.

“I don’t drink Coca Cola!”
“I don’t drink Coca Cola!”
“I don’t drink Coca Cola!”

The urge to give up and reach for a cold Coke might become quite strong, but resist this at all costs because one can can and probably will undo all the progress you’ve make and all the suffering that you will have been through will have been for nothing!.

also, make it harder for yourself to fall off the wagon!. Firstly, don’t buy Coke - if it’s not in your fridge, it’s harder to drink!. also, try to avoid places where you’d normally buy cola (or alter your habits while you’re there - that starts by being alert to falling into the old habits)!. Resist giving in!. You can do it!

After 7 days you should be free of most of the withdrawal symptoms and after 21 days, you’ll have installed a new Cola-free habit!. Congratulations! Hope that helps!Www@FoodAQ@Com

My knowledgeWww@FoodAQ@Com

i drink up to 4 cans a day sometimes !. and i know it aint good for your teeth!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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