Red Bull vs Soda? The Same Thing?!

Question: Red Bull vs Soda? The Same Thing?
Okay, so I have a question. I do not drink soda, and haven't done so in 8 months and I am proud of my accomplishments.

Recently, my company (a diner) started selling the red bull energy drink. Being at an absolute loss for energy I decided to have one. After drinking it, I got a little scared believing I just drank soda. From my understanding, Red Bull is not the same thing as soda. Although it is not good for you I know, technically it is not the same thing as soda. I have asked a couple of people, and they have told me that Red Bull isn't soda. Will someone clear up the confusion for me? If I continue to drink Red Bull, it will be the Sugar Free kind. But someone help, am I going against myself by drinking Red Bull when I don't drink soda? and if i only drank 2 in a 4 day period, does that even count as a relapse?



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Red Bull and those other energy drinks are not good for you, soda isn't either. Energy drinks contain extremely large quantities of sugar,Caffeine, etc. That is why you feel a burst of energy after you drink them. This is also bad for your heart because it makes the heart work faster because of the increased chemicals in these drinks. I drink a soda in the morning because I don't drink coffee. I tried Red Bull also and felt as if my heart was going to jump through my chest. Never drank another one. Be careful, Hope this helps.


Red Bull isn't soda, it's an energy drink. it has things like taurine and guarine in it, and it's not carbonated nearly as much. to get a better understanding, compare the label on a Red Bull can with a regular soda can and compare the ingredients. i really wouldn't recommend them because of the taurine(which is actually pieces of cow stomach). they can also mess with your metabolism and some people become irratable after drinking them.

Well red bull is not soda or the same but it is close enough if you quit drinking soda because of the sugar then only drink the sugar free but in that case you could drink diet soda so if you don't want to drink soda at all dont drink either just drink strong coffee if you want an eye opener

red bull is not soda... but it might have the same effect on you because of the caffeine... and red bull isn't really good for you...

but its not soda

red bull is an energy drink

Red Bull turns your pee yellow.

Both are bad for your health. :(

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