how do make slushies with snow and koolaid?!

Question: How do make slushies with snow and koolaid?
So I really want a slushi and there’s snow outside and I have Kool-Aid packets. How can I do this and actually make it taste good.


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You can always buy snowcone syrups at walmart, like cotton candy, blueberry, or strawberry flavored. My friend and I were tempted to do that one day, but instead ate plain snow off the ground.

Get the snow, add the kool aid, and 1/2 cup of sugar. Do not blend in blender. That will make it look like colored water. Mix the snow, kool aid, and sugar in a stainless steel bowl very gently. Enjoy.

Well I read on this site that you use water, ice and sweetened koolaid - put it in a blender and blend until slushy :) pretty simple according to them....


M, to make kool-aid slushies, you can use snow, but ice is more intended...

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