Is drinking water after having an iced coffee a bad mix for the stomach?!

Question: Is drinking water after having an iced coffee a bad mix for the stomach?

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Why would it be?

If you do have a bad stomach ach e it was most liekly to coffee itself. Coffee on an emptysto,ach can be a bit harsh as coffee is very acidic. Eat a piece of toast and it should go away.

No, ice=frozen water. Drinking water just dilutes it. Unless you drank an excessive amount of the liquids. In that case, you could be very very full but that's about it.

No, if you're stomach is hurting you could have drank too much and you're bloated. If you continue to feel bad you could be having cramps from the caffeine and sugar. Go to the doctor if it worsens.

no it's not bad for the stomach but it may make the coffee effect go fast..

of course not.
water + coffee = coffee

theres water in it anyway so i doubt it


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