Does Starbucks have strawberry and raspberry syrup?!

Question: Does Starbucks have strawberry and raspberry syrup?
I wanted to get a tea lemonade with these syrups, but I don't know if they even have these syrups. I know they have something like strawberry juice, but I'd like to know if they also have a syrup. THANKS!


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We carry a strawberry sauce which is pretty much a sweetened strawberry puree. And also a raspberry syrup. You can ask for the strawberry sauce in an iced tea if you want. Some of the partners do that, for example, black tea with orange mango sauce is a nice summer treat.

I'm a Starbucks partner

I know at my store we carry strawberry stuff for the strawberry and cream frappachinos. And then we have raspberry syrup. Sometimes it varies from store to store.

Barista at Starbucks who loves her job so freakin much

My Starbucks carries both. but they also have a raspberry tea that they make in the summer. I would ask at the starbucks.

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