Friend gave me american ginseng tea; is it safe to drink a cup?!

Question: Friend gave me american ginseng tea; is it safe to drink a cup?
I had a cup of green tea earlier and I don't take any medications. I've heard ginseng is a strong herb and I was wondering if it was safe to just brew a cup of tea and try it.


We are hearing more and more about how helpful green tea can be for many conditions and for maintaining overall good health. Green tea does contain caffeine, in lesser amounts than coffee; so it is applicable for weight loss plus certain antioxidants for heart health. Scientists who research and study natural foods seem to keep on rolling with new information about green tea.

Truthfully, everyone should drink green tea every day; but now we'll talk about a couple of the reasons why we say that.

Green tea has stimulants in it that are helpful but mild in comparison to coffee, and there are a lot of people who do not tolerate coffee very well. If you would like a stimulant drink that won't make you nervous or jittery, then green tea is an excellent choice. Along similar lines, this tea is very helpful and useful for increasing your metabolism in a healthy way, and therefore is great for those who are trying to lose weight. The caffeine percentage for coffee is about twice the amount found in green teas. As you have probably seen, some of the really high energy drinks can cause issues with some people. So you can get your stimulating drink without concerns with staying up all night.

If you have arthritis, or related disorders, then you should take a look at green tea because it can offer support and even preventative action. There are anti-inflammatory properties in green tea, and that makes it effective for arthritis and other similar inflammation-aggravated conditions. Drinking green tea, or taking in capsule, over time will certainly provide some measure of relief or support for those with pain associated with joint inflammation, etc.

One thing is certain, drinking green tea will only help you and won't hurt you, so we believe you owe it to yourself to include green tea in your diet and see what happens.

There are infection fighting and healing abilities in green tea due to the levels and presence of catechins which are contained in the antioxidants. Then there is food poisoning which could be helped and supported by the antioxidants in green tea. A regular regimen of green tea consumption will only make your body more resistant to various infections. Green tea can help, but there's nothing like an ounce of prevention by being cautious with possible infection sources, etc. The health benefits found in green tea are just so incredible, we feel at least. There appear to be few risks involved with green tea, while it is an inexpensive and easy to find food that can be enjoyed in a number of ways, hot or cold. So there it is - we hope you will feel excited and inspired to go out and get some green tea, today, and then use it every day for fantastic health.

The benefits of green tea are enormous and powerful, and who knows what else will become known about it. This food is flexible because you can take it as capsule, other food alternatives, and of course drink the tea. Yes, the more you enjoy green tea, then the more your body will enjoy the healthy support it offers.

deni, its safe to drink ginseng cup , if you don't have problems!

Yes it is

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