How does French Press Coffee Maker work?!

Question: How does French Press Coffee Maker work?
Could I brew some tea with french tea and not have any particles when straining?


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A french press is perfectly designed for brewing loose leaf tea: I use one for white and green teas so they don't pick up the flavors from the pot I use for black teas.

Just make sure all the parts are thoroughly washed if you've used it for coffee; otherwise the coffee taste may end up in your tea.

Put in the tea leaves, add hot water, let steep appropriate time for your tea, push down plunger, and pour. Tea needs room to expand. That's why a press is much better than a tea ball or infuser basket.

I roast my own beans and this is one of the seven ways I brew coffee (and sometimes tea).

It should work fine. Don't know what you mean by French tea though.

naw bro stick to coffe that is what it is made for

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