Is it possible to bake a cookie with Monster energy drink in it?!

Question: Is it possible to bake a cookie with Monster energy drink in it?
I want to try and make a cookie with monster energy drink in the mix. Would it be possible or would it just burn off in the baking process like alcohol does?


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That would be one Monster Cookie.

Oh, this question made me laugh. Yes, I drink a few Monsters a week. There was a time I sucked down a dozen+ a week ~ I'm better now!

Alcohol gets out of baked goods because it has a vaporization temperature of 172.4oF (lower than water) so in a short time any alcohol in a baked recipe steams out of the baked good. The melting point of caffeine is 437oF, so when it would turn from a solid to a liquid is probably hotter than you could get your oven, never mind it turning to a gas and steaming out.

While I imagine you could, given that each Monster drink is 20oz, you'd need to eat a whole lot of cookies to get 1 drink. Maybe use one or 2 of those concentrated Monster shots. You could use a Monster shot as the liquid when making eggs out of egg replacer. I do not know what the heat from baking the cookies would do to the caffeine and other elements of the Monster drink. Heat generally destroys vitamins and organic chemicals. Still, coffee and tea use hot water, and just 10-12 minutes in an oven . . . .

Maybe it would be better to crush up a dry no-doze tablet or 10 to add to a cookie recipe.



yes its possible
do it

Yes, but the outcome might be gross

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