How do I preserve collector edition cans of carbonated coca-cola?!

Question: How do I preserve collector edition cans of carbonated coca-cola?
I have saved a can of the special Xmas Coke can each year since around 1999 (started as a random thing that kept going). Since then, now I've had a a couple cans randomly leak and another "buldge" out, making me think it might bust too. They always stay indoors in a reg. climate, too.

Anyway to store these so that this won't happen (no room in refridgerator, if that's the case). Is there some way I can poke a hole to drain the liquid?


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Yeah, just take a nail and a hammer and poke a hole in the bottom

if you do as above the mess will take some cleaning and possibly redecoration. punching holes in pressurized cans is not recommended.

common sense

I don't understand why they would call them "collector edition cans" since I always thought the collector stuff was in bottles. I don't know why they would leak, especially since if you shook them then eventually the carbonation would not fizz anymore. Seems to me that when people tell you to store things they go in and replace them yearly. And they tell you if you're storing things on your shelves in cans that you should rotate them so that you eat them before they get out of date. If I were you I'd find the maker and give them a call and ask why the cans you had experienced this. Maybe cans were never meant to keep. Next time you wish to preserve something buy it in a glass container.

Colored and decorated Easter eggs have a hole punched in them, they are drained and cleaned and then decorated. So I suppose you could do that with your collector edition cans, but since they buldged they are ruined, and what if that bulge explodes? I'd say it too late...get rid of them.

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